But We See Jesus (Hebrews 2:8-9)

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The disasters, heartbreaks, and injustices all around us prove the truth of Hebrews 2:8. We live in an imperfect world in which many things are beyond our control. This thought comes home to me whenever I encounter a severely handicapped person or call on a young person dying with cancer. Medical science would like to eliminate these problems but cannot. A 30-year-old farmer, unable to make his mortgage payments, wishes something could be done to prevent low rainfall years. A young mother of three children, widowed by the crash of a commercial airplane, can’t understand why technology doesn’t find ways to prevent such accidents. A well-educated, successful professional man, convinced that we are headed for a nuclear holocaust, sees nothing but disaster ahead and talks about suicide.

Yes, it is obvious that we humans are not exercising that dominion over the earth for which we were created. But this fact doesn’t fill Christians with feelings of dismay and hopelessness. We look up and “see” Jesus at God’s right hand. We know that he possesses “all authority” in heaven and on earth because of what He did almost 2,000 years ago. He lived here as a man, overcame sin, paid the price for our transgressions on the cross, and broke death’s power. He is in ultimate control of everything – right now! Someday He will come back to this earth and will make everything right. Now, however, we see Him through the eye of faith and experience inner joy and peace no matter what our circumstances! – Herbert Vander Lugt

Looking off unto Jesus, my spirit is blest,

In the world I have turmoil, in Him I have rest;

The sea of life all around me may roar,

When I look to Jesus I hear it no more. – Anon.

If you can’t see your way out, loop up.

  • October 30, 1984, Our Daily Bread

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