From Guilty to Justified (Romans 3:23)

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A preacher once asked a group of young people what they must do before obtain forgiveness. After a few moment’s thought, a young man replied, “Sin.” That being the case, we are all candidates for forgiveness.

Dr. Karl Menninger related an incident about a man standing on a busy corner in the Chicago Loop. Said Menninger, “As people hurried by, he would point to one and then another and intone loudly the single word, ‘Guilty!’ Then, without a change of expression, he would assume a stiff stance for a few minutes and do the same thing again. One to whom he pointed turned to a companion and said, ‘But how did he know?’ That man could have pointed to any one of us” (Fingertip Facts File).

The Bible states clearly that “all have sinned.” Everyone is guiltyby birth and by choice. All are therefore under condemnation of death, both physical (separation of the soul from the body) and spiritual (separation of the soul from God). The charge of “guilty” can be removed, however, by faith in the Lord Jesus. He died on the cross to pay the penalty of sin demanded; and because he was the perfect Son of God, God grants forgiveness on the basis of His atoning death.

Anyone who has not accepted Christ can do so today. His offer of free salvation still stands. Accepting Christ changes our verdict from “guilty” to “justified” (Romans 5:1). – Richard W. De Haan

There are none so good that they can save themselves – and none so bad that God cannot save them.

  • November 29, Vol. 1, Our Daily Bread

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