Getting Ready for Christmas 1 (Romans 5:1)

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It’s coming – a very confusing time of year for many people: ChristmasAlthough it’s supposed to be a time of peace and joy, some consider it the most depressing. A counselor friend of mine mentioned that he sees more people during the Christmas holidays than at any other time.

Apparently, not everyone experiences the much–talked-about joy of the season. One’s own bad feelings contrasted with others’ good times can make life seem doubly depressing.

If that happens to you, if you’re down when others are up, you’ll find Paul’s words in Romans 5 helpful. He said we can have:

  • Peace (v. 1). Faith in Jesus brings the most important source of comfort: strong fellowship with God.
  • Hope (v. 2). Loss of hope is always a problem for those who are down. There can be no better hope than a future spent with Godand that’s the promise.
  • Joy (vv. 3-4). The bad we endure is not purposeless. God’s plan is being carried out, and our troubles will make us the kind of people God can use.

Even when things look bad, no one or no event can take away the promise of peace, hope, and joy. That can make any season a joyful one. – J. David Branon

 The hope we have in Jesus Christ

Brings joy into our heart;

And when we know the love of God,

His peace He will impart. – Sper

 If you’re looking for peace, hope, and joy this Christmas, look to God.

  • December 4, 1993, Our Daily Bread

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