Isn’t He Wonderful! (Isaiah 9:6)

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Throughout the centuries since Jesus’ birth, man has marveled at the wonder of His person and work. An unknown author declared:

He became a man that we might become the sons of God. In infancy, He troubled a king. I boyhood, He puzzled the teachers. In manhood, He ruled the course of nature, He walked upon the billows, hushed the sea to sleep, and healed the multitudes without medicine.

He never wrote a book, yet the libraries of the world are filled with volumes that have been written about Him. He never penned a musical note, yet He is the theme of more songs than any other subject.

Great men have come and gone, yet He lives on. Herod could not kill Him. Satan could not seduce Him. All others have failed in some way, but not Jesus! This perfect One is altogether lovely.

What a wonderful person! Of Him Pilate said, “I find no fault in this Man (Luke 23:4). A Roman soldier declared, “Certainly this was a righteous Man (Luke 23:47). And God Himself announced from heaven, “This is My beloved Son. Hear Him!” (Mark 9:7).

Not only is Christ matchless in His person and work, but He is known as Savior and Friend by the most lowly believer.

Jesus is Wonderful. Worship Him today! – Henry G. Bosch

 All glory to Jesus, begotten of God,

The great I AM is He;

Creator, sustainer – but wonder of all,

The Lamb of Calvary. – Peterson

 Ponder the wonder of Jesus.

  • December 25, 1990, Our Daily Bread



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