The Power of Service (Philippians 2:5, 7)


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Money is power.” That principle drives most cultures of this world. People scramble for wealth, often at the price of personal integrity, in order to gain the power to live where and how they want, drive the kind of vehicle they want, and get whatever they want.

In a culture that worships money, believers in Jesus Christ are in danger of doing the same. Some use their money to control their family, or they may threaten to stop giving to their church if they don’t get their way.

How unlike Jesus! He had power over disease, and He used it to heal the sick. He had power over the sea, and He used it to remove fear. He had power to create, and he fed thousands. He had power over sin, and He forgave sinners. He had power over His own life, yet He willingly gave up His life to save all who would call upon Him (Romans 10:13).

Jesus possessed all power, but He used it to serve others. He was called “Lord” by the disciples in the Upper Room, yet He was the only servant here (John 13:2-17). He washed their feet! When Peter protested, Jesus answered, “If I do not wash you, you have no part with Me” (v. 8).

Instead of using money or anything else for selfish means, use it to serve other. That’s the right use of power. – Dave Egner

 When we are involved in serving

And meeting each other’s needs,

We’re imitating the Master

In thoughts and words and deeds. – Fitzhugh

The more we serve Christ, the less we serve self.

  • January 2, Vol. 18, Our Daily Bread 

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