The Most Important Days

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This is the time of the year when I go on “the hunt” – not for after-holiday deals on decorations gut for the perfect calendar. I start looking in December, but I don’t get serious about my search until January. My requirements are simple: I want a week-at-a-glance, book-type calendar that will lie open on the counter near the telephone. It must also begin each week with Sunday, not Monday. It’s this last criterion that complicates my search. More and more calendars start the week with Monday, the day God considers second.

This trend, like others in our culture, gives the least prominence to what God considers most important. He chose to give special significance to 2 days of the week, the first and the last. He rested on the seventh day after creating the world (Genesis 2:1-3), and on the first day Christ rose from the dead after redeeming the world (Luke 24:1-7). Under the Old Covenant, the last day was reserved for rest. Today, under the New Covenant, believers celebrate the first day of the week in remembrance of Christ’s resurrection.

Although the calendar I use is not crucial to my faith, it does help me remember that my life begins and ends not with the work I do for myself but with work God does for me as I worship and rest. – Julie Ackerman Link

Thinking It Over

Do I make time in my schedule for worship and rest?

How can worship transform my thinking and living?

How can rest help me to see God and life more clearly?

Time spent with the Lord is time well spent.

  • January 24, Vol. 18, Our Daily Bread

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