The Lonely Life (Hebrews 10:24)

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Statistically speaking, it should be impossible to be lonely on planet earth. After all, there are more than 7 billion of us roaming around on this big rock.

But many people in our world are lonely. One woman told me she has outlived every close relative or friend in her life. In her loneliness, she wonders why God allows her to remain.

If you’re lonely, perhaps we can offer some encouragement. Using God’s Word, discover how the following three actions can help to erase your loneliness:

  • Learn contentment. Read Philippians 4:10-13, then ask God to help you to depend on Him each day and to learn to be content in any situation.
  • Do good for someone. Read Hebrews 13:1-3, then look for someone in need of help. You’ll get rid of loneliness for both of you.
  • Worship with God’s people. Hebrews 10:21-25 emphasizes the value of worshiping with other believers. Find someone with whom you can praise God.

If you’re feeling lonely, lean on Jesus for contentment. Help someone else. And worship God with other believers. These actions will redirect your thinking and remind you that when you know God you’re never alone. – Dave Branon

If you are feeling all alone,

Reach out to someone who’s bereaved;

You both will find encouragement

And loneliness will be relieved. – Sper

Many people are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.

  • January 25, Vol. 18, Our Daily Bread

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