The Punishment Question (Proverbs 28:5)

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Have you ever heard anyone say, “I could never live in a country that would build places to punish people – some for the rest of their lives – just because they had done something wrong”? Not very likely! It is obvious that a government is within its bounds when it dispenses justice, “You do the crime, you do the time,” is a saying almost everyone agrees with.

What many people do not understand, however, is that God is perfectly just in sending those who break His laws to a place of punishment. Yet a popular argument for those who deny the God of the Bible is that a loving God would never punish anyone in hell.

Yes, God has a system of justice too, and it is of the purest form. He has a set of guidelines that must be obeyed. If they aren’t followed exactly, punishment eventually results. And since none of us is perfect, we all deserve that punishment.

But is not a God of justice only. We can be pardoned from our sin because Christ paid our debt when He died on the cross. By receiving Him as our Savior, we escape eternal punishment because Christ has already been punished for us.

God demands justice, but He also offers mercy. That’s a loving God in action. He answers the punishment question. – J. David Branon

For Further Study

Genesis 18:16-33, especially verse 25

Luke 12:35-48, especially verses 47, 48

Luke 16:23; Revelation 14:9-11; Matthew 13:47-50

Christ became a curse for us to remove the curse from us.

  • February 7, 1991, Our Daily Bread

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