One God – Not Three (John 10:30)

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The idea of one God in three persons has long been baffling to the human mindBut to reject it has given rise to cults and many false teachings. The problem is not the doctrine itself but our inability to understand it.

It is said that Saint Augustine, the father of theologians, was walking on the shore of the ocean one day pondering the mystery of trinity. He came upon a little boy who was playing with a seashell. The youngster would scoop a hole in the sand, then go down to the waves and get his shell full of water and pour it into the hole he had made. Augustine said, “What are you doing, my little fellow?” The boy replied, “I am going to pour the sea into that hole.” “Ah,” said Augustine, “that is what I have been trying to do. Standing at the ocean of infinity, I have attempted to grasp it with my finite mind.”

The trinity does not fit the framework of common logic, nor can it be fully analyzed by the microscope of man’s intellect. But this is no reason to say it is the invention of theologians. To declare that the one and only God has made Himself known as Father, Son, and Holy Spiritthree distinct, not separate, persons is simply an attempt to define what the Scriptures teach (John 10:29, 30; Acts 5:3, 4). But to commit our lives to this triune God is to begin to see with the eye of faith His greatness as our Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer. And doesn’t it make sense that the One we worship, and to whom we entrust our lives, should be vastly greater than our limited ability to understand Him? – Dennis J. De Haan

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit –

O Thou blessed trinity;

One in essence yet three persons –

Thou art God, we worship Thee. – D. J. De Haan

The idea of a triune God staggers the mind, but to know Him satisfies the heart.

  • February 10, 1985, Our Daily Bread

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