A Barrier-Free Church (Galatians 4:7)


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Last May, Calvin College in Grand Rapids hosted an international congress with the theme “Christ Love Accessible to All.” One of its goals was to create an awareness of the special needs of the disabled. Another purpose was to encourage the building of barrier-free churches. A handicap, the theme points out, should not deny access to anyone who needs the love and fellowship of Christ and His people.

I appreciate the efforts of the congress. It made me stop to think about the barriers in the church that deny people access to the love of Christ. The worst obstacles just may be the invisible ones.

For example, unmarried adults often feel like outsiders. People from a lower social class may be made to feel inferior. And regrettably, racial barriers still exist in some churches. Just as it may cost money to make your church barrier-free for wheelchairs, it will take time and special efforts to remove these invisible walls.

God makes us equal in salvation. All who put their faith in Christ are how children of God, with rights and privileges of familyhood. So let’s break down the invisible barriers and give everyone access to the love and fellowship of Christ. – David C. Egner

All those who name the name of Christ

Must show by word and deed

That they will not discriminate

Against someone in need. – D. J. De Haan

One proof of our love for our Father is how much we love His children.

  • February 10, 1991, Our Daily Bread

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