A Plan That Works (James 4:13)

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Planning is essential to a successful business, but even a good plan can go bad. Executives at the DuPont Corporation learned that lesson the hard way with a product called Corfam.

Corfam was a leather substitute that DuPont believed would capture big profits in the shoe industry. After sinking millions into product development and marketing, however, they became aware that the public was not ready to buy this leather substitute. To avoid further losses and to recover some of its investment,  DuPont sold Corfam to another company. But shortly after unloading Corfam, rising prices in leather made it a hot item.

James reminded us that life’s unpredictability is one reason not to put too much stock in our plans (4:14,15). Instead, he pointed to a course of action that follows God’s master plan, not business trends. James said we must submit our goals to God (4:13-17), value people more than money (5:1-6), and patiently wait for spiritual investments to be rewarded (5:7-9).

One day we will stand before the Lord. The only plans that will prove to have been successful will be those that reveal how much we wanted to please Christ. – Martin R. De Haan II


What are you planning to do today? Tomorrow?

Where does God fit into your plans?

What can you do that will have eternal impact?

The best plans begin and end with God.

  • February 20, 1991, Our Daily Bread

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