You Won’t Get Away With It! (Isaiah 59:12)

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The Bible teaches that we cannot hide our iniquities. Oh, we may be able to cover them up for a while and even get away with them for an extended period of time. But the time will inevitably come when we must face up to them, either in this world or in the next. Paul told the Galatians, “Be not deceived, God is not mocked, for whatever a man soweth, that shall he also reap” (Galatians 6:7).

This Scriptural truth was illustrated by what happened to a group of students at Renaissance High School in Detroit. The Detroit News reported that the young people cut classes to attend a rock concert in Hart Plaza. I’m sure they felt they had gotten away with it. But the next day, when the Detroit News appeared on the newsstand, it carried a color photo of the concert – right there on the front page. And who was in that picture? That’s right – the delinquent students of Renaissance High, easily recognizable by anyone. According to the paper, “Eagle-eyed assistant principal Dr. Elijah Porter spotted the students and had a conversation with them.” As for the kids, it went on, “There was nothing they could say.”

Perhaps you have some secret sin that you are hiding. If so, I urge you to confess and forsake it. Or maybe you are gradually being drawn into a situation that you know is wrong, and you’re tempted to pursue it, thinking you won’t get caught. Then I plead with you to go no further. Your picture may not appear on the front page, but the Bible says you won’t get away with it! – David C. Egner

The sinful things that we may do
Are often hid from human view,
But judgment day will bring to light
Those things that we have not made right. – D. J. De Haan

The seed of wrongdoing may be sown in secret, but the harvest cannot be concealed.
– February 22, 1985, Our Daily Bread


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