For Sinners Only (Luke 18:13)

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An article in Grand Rapids Press described a woman who overcame her drinking habit – but only after she admitted she had problem. She said the “emotional moment” came when she brought herself to say, “I’m Betty and I’m an alcoholic.”

She had been saying that her slurred speech, drowsiness, and other problems were due to the medication she was taking for a chronic ailment. But the family knew the real cause and confronted her. As a result, she finally faced up to her problem. Before that, she was a hopeless case. But when she said, “I’m an alcoholic,” there was hope for a cure.

It’s much the same way with salvation. As long as a person makes excuses for his sinful behavior, he’ll never experience deliverance. It’s only when he admits, “I am a sinner and cannot save myself,” that the Lord will rescue him from sin and its awful consequences. The proud and boastful Pharisees in Luke 18 was lost. The tax collector, however, acknowledged his sinfulness and “went down to his house justified (v. 14).

If you never done so before, admit your guilt and receive the Lord Jesus as your Savior. Remember, salvation is for sinners only. – Richard W. De Haan

Naught have I gotten but what I received,

Grace has bestowed it since I have believed;

Boasting excluded, pride I abase –

I’m only a sinner saved by grace! – Gray

Jesus can change the foulest of sinner into the finest saint.

  • February 12, 1994, Our Daily Bread

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