The Truth about Babies (1 Timothy 1:4)

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“I know the baby’s only a week-and-a-half old,” the new mother told me, “but we need our rest. So we started him on formula so he’ll sleep through the night.” Sounded logical. I believed it. The problem is that it’s not true. It’s an old wives’ tale.

An article in The Detroit news added these common fables about babies.

  1. A child will catch cold if he’s chilled (they catch colds from germs spread by people).
  2. Babies need to be kept warmer than adults (we’re all the same).
  3. A baby who stands too early will be bowlegged (not true).
  4. Cow’s milk is best (it’s harder to digest and doesn’t have as much iron).

It’s the same with spiritual matters. What sounds right may be all wrong. For example, God will make you rich if you give a lot to the church; our bodies are not important, only spiritual things matter; if our good deeds outweigh our bad ones, we’ll get to heaven.

How then can we tell myth from reality, truth from fable? When it comes to babies, we can check with the pediatrician. But when it comes to spiritual issues, we can check with the Bible. When we hear something new, no matter how logical it sounds, we need to compare it to the Word of God. If it agrees with the principles found there, it’s the truth; if not, it’s a lie. This simple test will keep us from believing old wives’ tales. – David C. Egner

Thy Word is everlasting truth;

How pure is every page!

That Holy Book shall guide our youth

And well support our age. – Watts

It’s not what we think but what God says that’s important.

  • March 6, 1991,m Our Daily Bread

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