We Need to Go! (Hebrews 10:25)

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Josef Gabor grew up in Czechoslovakia when it was dominated by communism, and religion was despised as weakness. His father taught communist doctrine classes. But Josef’s mother, who believed in Jesus Christ, took Josef and his brother with her to church.

They got up early each Sunday morning and took a 3-hour train ride to Prague. Then they walked to the church and sat through 2 ½-hour service. After eating lunch in a nearby park, they returned to church for another 2 ½-hour meeting. Then they took the 3-hour ride home.

Today Josef Gabor is a missionary to his people in Czechoslovakia. When he tells about going to church as a child, his eyes fill with tears of gratitude for a mother who cared enough about his spiritual welfare to help him come to know and serve Christ.

Some Christians would do anything to be in church every Sunday, but for health or other reasons they can’t. They know how important it is to worship and fellowship with other believers. But others choose not to go to church unless it’s convenient. They find the slightest excuse to stay home.

How important is church attendance to you? – David C. Egner

Thinking about Church

What more does God want from me than merely going through the motions of attending church? How can God use me to help other believers to grow spiritually?

Go to church if you want to grow in Christ.

  • July 11, 1993, Our Daily Bread

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