Heaven without Jesus? (Revelation 22:4)


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When John W. Peterson first started writing gospel melodies and lyrics, some were rejected by publishers. One such occurrence was especially disturbing. Peterson has just written “Over the Sunset Mountains” after meditating on that glorious day when we will enter the joys of heaven and see the Savior. The music editor he approached seemed pleased with his song but made this small suggestion: “Take out the name Jesus, and enlarge a little more on heaven.” Peterson thought, Heaven without Jesus? That is unthinkable! So he picked up his manuscript and left.

Soon another song came into his mind that expressed his heartfelt reaction: “I have no song to sing but that of Christ my King, to Him my praise I’ll sing bring forevermore! His love beyond degree, His death, that ransomed me, now and eternally I’ll sing it o’er.

God honored John Peterson for not compromising the truth. Eventually both songs were published, and over the years they have brought comfort to many.

As a Christian, Peterson couldn’t think of heaven without Christ. He knew that when believers are facing death, they are comforted in the knowledge that joy awaits them in the presence of their Lord.

My friend, are you looking forward to seeing Jesus in heaven? – Henry G. Bosch

Over the sunset mountains,

Heaven awaits for me;

Over the sunset mountains,

Jesus my Savior I’ll see. – Peterson

The more you love Jesus, the more you’ll look forward to heaven.

  • March 7, 1991, Our Daily Bread

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