Ready to Go (Psalm 30:5)


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Life in heaven is far better than anything earth can offer, yet we do our best to avoid dying. If we get sick, we pray for recovery. The psalmist was no different. He began Psalm 30 by praising God for saving him from death (vv. 1-4). Then, he declared that his distress, which reflected God’s anger, was only temporary and that God’s favor would be everlasting (v. 5). He also told why he became ill and what he learned through his affliction. He had become proud, so God allowed the illness to humble him and to give him a new perspective on life. He saw more clearly than ever that eternal blessedness far outweighs present distress. Closing his song, he rejoiced in the prospect of praising God throughout eternity. God had prepared him so that he could die in peace.

When my mother was in her early sixties, the doctor told her she would soon die from heart failure. She was despondent. She loved life and didn’t want to leave her family. We prayed for her recovery, and God graciously answered by giving her 12 more years. Shortly before she died, I asked her, “Mom, do you still dread dying? With a smile she replied, “No, I’m ready.”

Christian, don’t feel guilty about not wanting to die. God made you that way. And don’t worry about dying. The Lord will prepare you for that day. Keep walking with Him, doing His will, and trusting Him to meet your need. When you are called Home, God will give grace and you’ll be ready to go. – Herbert Vander Lugt

As sure as night, life’s troubles come,

As sure as day, they’re past;

But surer still that endless joy

When we reach heaven at last. – D. J. De Haan

Death is the last chapter on time, but the first chapter on eternity.

  • March 21, 1988, Our Daily Bread

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