You Have to Ask for It (Mark 10:51)

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There stood Bartimaeus the beggar – blind and helpless. When Jesus saw him, He asked, “What do you want Me to do for you?” Jesus knew the man’s desire, but He wanted him to express it.

That story touched the heart of Paul Wylie several years ago. As a high school graduate with aspirations to earn a name for himself in figure skating, Wylie was deeply moved when a minister talked ab out Jesus and the beggar.

For the first time, Wylie saw the importance of actually putting his faith in Jesus – not just knowing about God. He learned that just as Bartimaeus had to ask to be healed, so he had to admit his sin and ask forgiveness. Now an Olympic silver medal winner, Paul Wylie still marvels at the salvation he experienced when he realized that it was his responsibility to ask Jesus to save him.

Jesus died for everyone in this world, and He knows the spiritual needs of us all. But just as He healed Bartimaeus only on request, so He provides salvation only to those who come to Him and ask to be rescued from their sins.

Have you told the Lord Jesus that you want the forgiveness He offers? He’s waiting to help you. – J. Dave Branon

Salvation is a gift of God,

Not earned by any task;

He freely cleanses and forgives

All sinners who will ask. – Sper

Salvation is free – but only those who ask for it.

  • July 31, 1993, Our Daily Bread

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