A Picture of God (John 14:9)

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Christ’s coming into the world has given us a wonderful insight into what God is like. An unknown author wrote, “Until Jesus came, we knew that God could build a universe, but never dreamed He would be willing to labor with carpenters’ tools. We knew He was surrounded by angels and cherubim, but never thought that He would condescend to eat with publicans and sinners. We believed He held the world in space by His power, but we never suspected that would consider a sparrow’s fall to be important. Jesus associated with us here that through His actions, teachings, and death we might come to a better understanding of the One who inhabits the entire universe. The Savior Himself exclaimed, ‘He who has seen Me has seen the Father.’

Many years ago, certain tribesmen in Africa regarded one particular idol as their spiritual father. Greatly revered, the images was kept hidden in a deep pit. Missionaries found that these superstitious people were afraid to draw it to the surface because they believed that if they looked on the face of their “father,” they would die. In the Choice Gleanings calendar I read this comment: “How different is our position as believers! Looking into the face of ‘our Father’ in the person of Jesus Christ, we do not die but live!” In fact, the wonder-working Man of Galilee has clearly revealed to us that the great Creator and Sustainer of the universe is not vindictive, but He is tender, compassionate, and forgiving.

His life gives us a true picture of God! – Henry G. Bosch

In Jesus, God’s blest fullness dwells,

In one Man all compressed;

And in the Son the Father shines

Substantially expressed. – H. G. Bosch

Christ is God out in the open!

  • April 10, 1985, Our Daily Bread

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