Four-Wheel Christians (Amos 6:1)

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Isn’t it strange that when God’s people possess freedom and material abundance they often become worldly and complacent? Take, for instance, the prosperous Israelites of Amos’ day. They were so busy living luxuriously and drinking large quantities of wine that they hardly gave the Lord any place in their lives.

By contrast, those who live under difficult circumstances tend to become more zealous for the Lord and His cause. This is true of present-day believers in Russia and other Communist countries. These people are not smug (conceited and self-satisfied) pleasure-seekers, as the Israelites were. Christian businessman Fred Smith reports that the membership of the Moscow Baptist Church is 5,600, the attendance 6,000, and the participation level almost 100 percent. These Russian Christians are zealous for their faith. The pastor told Mr. Smith, “In Russia, we have no four-wheel Christians.” He coined this phrase to describe people who ride to church for their baptism, for the Easter morning service, for the Christmas program, and for their funeral.

Sad to say, a large percentage of people in the free world who profess to believe on Jesus are little more than “four-wheel Christians.” How about you? Is your church attendance irregular? Do you tend to be a passive observer rather than an active participant in the cause of Christ? If so, beware! Amos warned his contemporaries that they would be severely chastened if they continued their worldly course. His warning still applied today. – Herbert Vander Lugt

One life to live for Christ my Lord,

One life to do my part,

One life in which to give my all

With fervency of heart. – Brandt

Some Christians are more interested in being conformed to the world than in being transformed by the Lord.

  • April 14, 1985, Our Daily Bread