“Behold Your Mother!” (Proverbs 31:28)

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The Son of God was hanging on a Roman cross. His body had been brutally beaten, and He was spiritually separated from the Father. Yet He remembered His mother! His concern for her welfare was not lost amid the agonies of that crisis. With the words, “Behold your mother,” He commended her into the care of His beloved disciple John. His example shows us the importance of honoring and caring for our own mother.

Behold your mother! Remember the look in those loving eyes, the sweetness in that tender voice, the feeling of even an single touch of that gentle hand. Recall the concern that clouded her face when troubles came your way or the kind anxiety she showed at your slightest pain. You may form many dear friendships, but you’ll never again have the inexpressible love lavished on you that only she can bestow. Cherish your mother while you still have the most precious of all good gifts.

Behold your mother! Learn from her blessed example. Her teaching and guidance in the home help mold and shape the character of her children.

Behold your mother! Look to her for the same reason that Jesus told John to look – to give her the special care she needs. She deserves more than your gifts and kind words. She should have your affection, your attention, and your understanding.

Today, with praise and thankfulness to God, “Behold your mother.” – Henry G. Bosch

I was an infant when her love first came;

Though years have passed, I find it still the same;

With thanks to God, I breathe that lovely name,

The sweet, dear name of “Mother.” – Anon.

Your mother brought you up; don’t let her down.

  • May 8, 1988, Our Daily Bread