When Life Seems Unfair (Psalm 73:3)

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Have you ever felt that life is unfair? For those of us who are committed to following the will and ways of Jesus, it’s easy to get frustrated when people who don’t care about Him (Jesus Christ) seem to do well in life. A businessman cheats yet wins a large contract, and the guy who parties all the time is robust and healthywhile you or your loved ones struggle with finances or medical issues. It makes us feel cheated, like maybe we’ve been good for nothing.

If you’ve ever felt that way, you’re in good company. The write of Psalm 73 goes through a whole list of how the wicked prosper, and then he says, “Surely I have cleanse my heart in vain” (v. 13). But the tide of his thoughts turns when he recalls his time in God’s presence: Then I understood their end” (v. 17).

When we spend time with God and see things from His point of view, it changes our perspective completely. We may be jealous of the nonbelievers now, but we won’t be at judgment time. As the saying goes, what difference does it make if you win the battle but lose the war?

Like the psalmist, let’s praise God for His presence in this life and His promise of the life to come (Psalm 73:25-28). He is all you need, even when life seems unfair. – Joe Stowell

All wrongs will one day be set right

By God who sees both bad and good;

All motives and all deeds will then

Be fairly judged and understood. – D. De Haan

Spending time with God puts everything else in perspective.

  • May 16, Vol. 19, Our Daily Bread