Pleasing God (1 Thessalonians 2:4)

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According to an old fable, a father and his son were walking along a road one day with their donkey. Soon they met a man who told them how foolish they were to walk when they had a donkey that could be ridden. So the father and son hopped on.

They hadn’t gone very far when another man criticized them for both riding on the donkey. They were too heavy for it, he contended, and were being inhumane. So the boy got off.

It wasn’t long before a third traveler accused the father of being inconsiderate because he made his son walk while he rode. So the two switched places. Soon they met another person who charged that the son was not being thoughtful of his father, who was so much older than he. When last seen, the two were trudging down the road carrying the donkey.

If we are overly sensitive to others’ opinions, we may end up carrying needless weight of guilt and frustration. Although we all appreciate the approval of others, and we try to avoid offending people, our ultimate accountability is not to them but to the Lord.

The apostle Paul said that he spoke “not as pleasing men, but God who tests our hearts.” That’s a good example for us to follow. What really matters is to please God! – Richard W. De Haan

It matters not what others say

In ridicule or fun;

I want to live that I may hear

Him say to me, “Well done.” – Beers

When we live for the approval of God, we may receive the disapproval of men.

  • May 31, 1991, Our Daily Bread