The Greatness of God (Psalm 104:17)

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In our Scripture for today, the psalmist exalted the Lord for His greatness as it is revealed through His wonderful works of creation. He reminds the reader again and again of the marvelous ways the Lord has provided for His creatures: giving them water, sun, and vegetation. The psalmist also pointed out that there are trees to give birds a place to make their nests.

While my friend Dave and I were playing golf, he stopped me to show me something that filled him with awe. He parted the branches of a thick blue spruce. There, resting on a branch, was a skillfully built robin’s nest. It was about head high, but it was so carefully concealed that none of the golfers teeing off within a few feet of it could possibly have seen it. Two thick branches were layered right above it, keeping it safe from the hard driving rains. It was anchored so securely that it could not have been blown loose in a gale. The mother bird had built it far out from the trunk, safe from prowling animals. That tree was a perfect place for a nest – a tree provided by God for the birds to raise their young. “To me,” Dave commented, “that shows the greatness of God. It’s one more reason to believe Him. I don’t see how anyone can be an atheist!

God works in creation, even in providing a place for the birds to nest, are wonderful beyond description. May the greatness of God cause us, as it did the psalmist, to sing His praise as long as we live (v. 33). – David C. Egner

All things bright and beautiful,

All creatures great and small,

All things wise and wonderful,

The Lord God made them all. – Alexander

All creation is an outstretched finger pointing toward God.

  • May 28, 1988, Our Daily Bread