A Lesson from the Birds (Proverbs 1:17)

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Birds sometimes have more sense than people. When Solomon wrote, “Surely, in vain the net is spread in the sight of any bird,” he was referring to wicked people, who can be more foolish than the fowls of the air. Birds are smart enough to flee when they see a net being spread to catch them, but people often rush headlong into the devil’s snares.

A farmer learned that some crows were stealing his corn. So he went out and strung twine about 5 feet from the ground between the trees surrounding the area where he had planted his crop. He thought that the black-feathered thieves were probably watching him and would become leery. He was right. They stopped eating his corn. They wouldn’t take a chance on being captured.

How strange that we are less wary! Even when we recognize dangerous temptations, we indulge in sins that appear inviting, thinking it won’t matter or that we won’t get caught.

Perhaps you’ve considered doing a little shoplifting. Maybe you have been tempted to cheat on a test or to lie to your boss. You may even be thinking of being unfaithful to your spouse. Beware! Don’t yield to these evil urges. The devil is setting a trap for you. Learn a lesson from the birds. – Henry G. Bosch

When temptation’s darts assail us,

When in devious paths we stray,

Let Your goodness never fail us,

Lead us in Your perfect way. – Hastings

A wise man flees temptation and doesn’t leave a forwarding address.

  • June 1, 1992, Our Daily Bread

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