Have a Heart (Exodus 22:21)

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People who lack feeling for others are like cold fronts on the weather map in winteryou’d rather see them going than coming. An example is the homeowner who treats the paperboy like the neighborhood pest. He acts as if the youngster were behind the bad news that lands on his porch day after day. I’m not saying that sometimes there isn’t cause for frustration. There may be legitimate reasons for dissatisfaction with his service. But being unkind to those who are weaker or in a lower socio-economic position is never right.

God made this very clear to ancient Israel when He told them to treat those of lesser social rank as they themselves would want to be treated. He reminded His chosen people that because they had once been strangers in a foreign land, they should know how it feels to work under those who show no sympathy (Exodus 22:21).

Christians have the same responsibility to the poor and downtrodden as Israel had. We may argue that if we don’t look out for ourselves no one else will. But God has told us to love our neighbors. He also reminds us that if we forget what it’s like to be on the bottom we are no longer fit to be on top. – Mart De Haan

If you once bore a heavy load

That drove you to despair,

You’ll have a heart for those who bend

Beneath their load of care. – D. J. De Haan

When Jesus changes your heart, He gives you a heart for others.

  • June 13, Vol. 12A, Our Daily Bread