The Narrow Way (Matthew 7:14)

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I have always been amazed as I’ve watched the freighters go through the Soo Locks that join Lake Superior and Lake Huron in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. To me, it’s a wonder of piloting as I see the captain inch his 1,000-foot-long ore boat safely through the Poe or the Davis Lock. There it can enter Lake Superior. The captain eases the boat through the gates of the lock at a barely discernible pace because it is only a couple of feet wider than the ship itself. The process may take a while, but it gets the ship safely through. It would be much easier for the captain to approach the wide mouth of the St. Marys River that flows alongside the locks and joins the two lakes. But it is shallow, fast-moving, and filled with huge rocks and white-water rapids. A freighter trying that route would be doomed to destruction. If you were the ship’s captain, which way would you choose? The narrow way, of course, it’s the only safe way.

In our Scripture for today, Jesus said that the way to life is through the narrow gate. The “life” He spoke of is eternal life, and it comes only through faith in Him. The broad way leads to destruction.

All people are faced with a choice about their eternal destiny. The broad way is the way of the world and is appealing, but it leads in eternal ruin. The narrow way, the way of faith in Christ, leads to heaven and eternal life. Trust Jesus today. Take the narrow way! – David C. Egner

Oh, choose now the path of salvation

And enter in at the strait gate!

Come now, while the Savior is calling;

Tomorrow may be too late! – Haines

A well-beaten path is not necessarily the right way.

  • June 16, 1988, Our Daily Bread