Don’t Wait Till He’s Gone (Proverbs 17:6)

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Here is a letter written by a man who felt he had to express his love for his father, although his father had been dead for 30 years.

Dear Dad:

        I feel I must say some things that I neglected to say as a boy. Only after passing through the long, hard school of life can I understand how you felt. I must have been a bitter trial to you. I believe in my own shallow ideas, but I realize now how ridiculous they were comparred with your calm, ripe, wholesome wisdom. I want to confess my worst fault – assuming that somehow you didn’t understand. You knew me better than I knew myself. Your wisdom flowed around mine like the ocean around an island. How patient you were, how full of longsuffering! I wish I could tell you today how much I love and appreciate you.

        It won’t be long till I am over there, and I believe you’ll be the first to take my hand and lead me up the slopes of Glory. Then you’ll realize that not one pang of yearning spent on me was wasted. I’m so sorry for my thoughtlessness and lack of love, but praise God, I’ll soon meet you on the golden streets because you cared enough to keep praying for your wayward boy!

                                                                                                                         Love, your grateful son

If your father is still living, express your love and appreciation to him today. Don’t wait till he’s gone! – Henry G. Bosch

Our thanks, O God, for fathers

Who show, by word and deed,

Commitment to Thy will and plan,

And Thy commandments heed. – Johnson

Thank God for fathers who not only gave us life but also taught us how to live.

  • June 19, 1988, Our Daily Bread