Compassionate Fathers(Psalm 103:13)

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How grieved God must be when He sees men neglect or abuse their children! Sad to say, incidents of this kind are increasing as our society moves further and further away from biblical beliefs and principles.

This is only one side of the picture, however. I see among devoted Christian fathers many examples of those who are compassionate and not ashamed to express their feelings for their children.

I recently visited a child with Down’s syndrome. He was in the hospital and about to undergo a dangerous heart operation. His parents were there, as well as another couple who had a similarly afflicted child. I was struck by the fact that both of these fathers showed tenderness and compassion. I admired them for it.

The nobleman in John 4 was a compassionate father. He kept begging Jesus to heal his son, even when Jesus seemingly responded coolly (v. 48). “Sir,” he pleaded, “come down before my child dies!” Although he was a nobleman, he was not too proud to express his deep concern for his son and humbly ask Jesus for help.

Compassionate fathers reflect the heart of the heavenly Father who pities those who fear Him. And our world needs to see more fathers like that. – Herbert Vander Lugt

Take stock of yourself and consider your child,

Your time and your thoughts are his due;

So how would you answer your God should He ask,

“What sort of a father are you?” – Anon.

A child is more likely to see God as Father if he sees God in his father.

  • June 21, 1992, Our Daily Bread