Ignorance is not Bliss (Hosea 4:6)

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Lack of knowledge can be a killer. Not knowing the danger of electricity can be fatal. Not knowing a bridge has been washed out could result in death. Not knowing the disastrous consequences of rejecting God’s moral standards can destroy individuals and nations. Hosea, God’s spokesman, warned the Israelites that their lack of moral and spiritual knowledge would bring about their doom.

We can’t blame a small child if he picks up a live wire and is electrocuted. The responsibility rests on someone else. But in many instances the lack of knowledge that causes disaster is inexcusable. The multitudes who are destroying themselves and their nations through immoral conduct have no excuse for not knowing that they are courting disaster. They don’t know because they have chosen to close their eyes to truth.

Fifty years ago almost everybody knew marriage to be a sacred institution. They recognized homosexual practices as perversion. They had no problem identifying abortion as a form of murder. But today many people lack moral knowledge in all these areas. The result? Thousands of emotionally scarred children. Unprecedented numbers of suicide. Overcrowded jails. An AIDS epidemic.

Let’s remain open to the Lord and submit to the teaching of His Word. If we do, we will have the moral and spiritual knowledge to protect us from disaster. Ignorance is not bliss. – Herbert Vander Lugt

Blessed Book, God’s living Book,

Through its pages help me look;

May I behold from day to day

New light to guide me in Your way. – McClelland

Using your Bible as a roadmap keeps you off the detours of sin.

  • June 18, Vol. 17, Our Daily Bread