Time Off from God? (1 Chronicles 16:23)

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It was Sunday afternoon and all six members of the family were gathered around the table for dinner. As has become customary, 4-year-old Stevie led off our pre-meal prayer. “Dear heavenly Father, thank You for this nice day,” he said, “Thank You that we could go to church and Sunday school today.” Then, to our surprise, he said, “And we’ll see You again next week.”

What Stevie stated in his prayer is, I’m afraid, how we often view the Christian life. We easily fall into a see-you-next-time attitude about God. We forget about Him as we fulfill our daily responsibilities. We go for days at a time trying to pay the bills, keep the boss happy, and give attention to each family member. But we neglect to give God the time He deserves.

First Chronicles 16 sets forth some facts about God’s power and majesty that should keep us thinking and talking about Him “from day to day.” We should “declare His glory” (v. 24). We should recognize His hand of creation in the heavens (v. 26). We should talk of the honor and majesty He commands, the strength He possesses, and the gladness He gives us (v. 27).

Each new day gives us new reasons to pray to God, to praise His name, and to proclaim His love. Let’s make our worship of Him something we do “from day to day.” – J. David Branon

Worship, praise, and adoration,

All are due to Jesus’ name.

Freely give your heart’s devotion,

Constantly his love proclaim. – Anon.

We will have no interest in worship if we have nothing invested.

  • June 14, 1992, Our Daily Bread

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