Not for Sale (Romans 3:24, 27)

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Everywhere you turn today, you see advertising. Billboards shout and T-shirts tout their messages. Radio spots, TV commercials, and newspaper ads make urgent pitches. Adweek columnist Barbara Lippert looked the situation over and remarked, “Everything in America is a product being sold – whether it’s a celebrity, a television show, whether it’s anything.”

Of course, we know that the goods and services being advertised carry a price tag. We have to pay for what is being offered. No one expects to get something for nothing.

There is, however, one huge exception. When God decided to offer something as amazing and wonderful as eternal life, He chose to pay the price Himself in Christ so that we could receive it free. Some people think they can “buy” salvation by good works or church membership, but only those who put their trust in God’s Son and accept the payment He made on their behalf receive it.

Each year people respond to ads and spend millions of dollars on soft drinks, cars, pizza, and carpet. But the best offer ever made carries no price tag. It is not for sale.

Have you accepted this free gift yet? – J. David Branon

The perfect righteousness of Christ

Is free to everyone;

But we by faith must take that gift

And trust God’s precious Son. – D. J. De Haan

Salvation is free because Christ paid the infinite price.

  • July 5, 1992, Our Daily Bread

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