God’s Crown of Creation (Psalm 8:5)


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Is man nothing more than a highly developed form of animal life? That’s a logical deduction of atheistic evolution and the claim of secular humanists. They emphasize that humans compete on the basis of power and physical appearance. They support this view by noting that a person with an aggressive temperament, attractive body, strong physique, and superior ability tends to dominate the others. They also point out that some good human qualities like instinctively protecting the weak can be found among animals. Porpoises, for instance, have been seen helping a wounded companion.

This is not the whole story, however. C. S. Lewis stated that we can present solid evidence of our human distinctiveness. Man often chooses to do things that go against instinct. He can obey Jesus’ command: “Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you” (Matthew 5:44). Animals don’t do that!

Yes, our behavior is sometimes brutish, and animals sometimes seem almost human. But that doesn’t prove we descended from them. It simply confirms the biblical teaching that human beings have a fallen sinful nature and need God’s forgiveness and transformation. And, when we place our trust in Jesus Christ, we are changed. Through the power of our new life and the presence of the Holy Spirit we can live above our fallen instincts.

Let’s practice love and righteousness today. Isn’t that what God intended for His own creation? – Herbert Vander Lugt

Though sin deformed creation’s crown,

God says, “O man, do not despair;

I sent My Son to purge your sin,

For you alone My image share. – D. J. De Haan

Man shows that he is more than an animal when he longs to be more like God.

  • July 9, 1988, Our Daily Bread

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