Two Proud Rulers (Luke 14:11)

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What did King Nebuchadnezzar of ancient Babylon and Nikolai Ceausescu of present-day Romania have in common? Both were ruthless dictators who fell after boldly exalting themselves.

Nebuchadnezzar brazenly declared that he had built the great city of Babylon by his own power and for the honor of his majesty (Daniel 4:30). God humbled him by driving him into the wilderness with a mental illness.

Ceausescu, after years of cruelly persecuting Christians and killing all potential threats to his power, instructed the National Opera to produce a song in his honor that included these words: “Ceausescu is good, righteous, and holy.” He wanted this song to be sung on his 72nd birthday on January 26, 1990, but on December 25, 1989, he and his wife were executed.

Although his overthrow was part of the anti-communist revolution that swept through eastern Europe, many Christians see his sudden downfall as an act of God. One Romanian, Peter Dugulescu, said that it was “because he took for himself the glory of God.”

Of course, God does not always send immediate judgment on all who claim deity or try to take the honor that rightly belongs to Him. But sooner or later the truth of God’s Word prevails:Whoever exalts himself will be humbled” (Luke14:11). – Herbert Vander Lugt

All those with great authority

Must first learn great humility;

They must take orders from the Lord

And live according to His Word. – D. J. De Haan

Those who would rule men must be ruled by God.

  • August 2, 1992, Our Daily Bread