Perfect Justice (Revelation 20:12)

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Rom Eaton spend 16 years in prison even though he was innocent. At the end of that time behind bars, he made this observation: “I didn’t have a dime in my pocket or a friend in the world when they put me on trial for armed robbery. That’s why I spend 16 years in prison for a crime committed by two other men while I was 1,700 miles away. I am free now, completely vindicated. Life played a dirty trick on me in Circuit Court.”

Such an injustice will never occur in God’s “courtroom.” No one will ever hear the penalty of another person’s guilt. No one will be able to claim he or she got a “bad rap” or was the victim of a “dirty trick.”

Today’s Scripture reading previews that day when the unsaved will stand before God, the supreme Judge. The charges made against them will be confirmed by the record of their lives in the books that show their works. The Book of Life will also be opened, and that fact that their names are not found in it will prove that they never trusted in Christ.

Unlike Rom Eaton, who did suffer a cruel injustice, those who appear at the great white throne judgment will agree with the verdict. That’s why we must urge all people to accept Christ’s offer of pardon now before it’s too late. With God there is perfect justice. – Richard W. De Haan

When we are called upon to stand
Before the Lord someday,
Will we anticipate His praise
Or dread what He will say? – Anon.

To reject God’s grace is to incur His judgment.
– August 15, 1992, Our Daily Bread