Destroying the Destroyers (Revelation 11:18)

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A young woman tearfully confessed that she was having doubts about God because she sees so many wicked people getting by with their sin. A relative had been murdered by two dope-crazed young men who had not been apprehended. She asked, “Why does God sit by and let these evil people destroy our country?” I thought about Revelation 11:18 where we read that God will “destroy those who destroy the earth.” The Lord will ultimately bring about perfect justice for everyone. Many passages in the Bible, like Revelation 11:15-19, depict Christ’s return to defeat His foes and establish His kingdom of righteousness and peace.

Our faith is tested during this age when we see the enemies of God boldly promoting evil just because the Almighty doesn’t punish them immediately. Those who peddle dope, produce pornographic materials, encourage homosexuality, mistreat their fellowmen, and promote secular humanism can indeed be called “destroyers.” They are weakening the moral fiber of our world. Were it not for the restraining influence of the Holy Spirit through the church, these forces of evil would soon bring about the total disintegration of society. The time is coming, however, when the Lord will suddenly and dramatically come from heaven and destroy the destroyers. For believers in Christ, this is a great encouragement. For unbelievers, it’s a somber warning! – Herbert Vander Lugt

God rules as sovereign on His throne,
He judges great and small;
And all who would destroy His earth
Beneath His rod shall fall. – D. J. De Haan

The sinner has only two options: to be pardoned or to be punished.
– August 1, 1988, Our Daily Bread


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