No Strings Attached (Proverbs 15:8)

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People who engaged in witchcraft and yoga or use Ouija boards do not realize it, but they are trying to get what they want by manipulating higher powers. All pagan religions are built on the same ideatrying to obtain blessings from the gods by performing certain rituals and magical rites.

Sad to say, the Israelites thought they could do this with the living and true God. The Lord has told them clearly that He is a personal and moral being who looks on motives as well as actions, but they ignored this truth. They convinced themselves that all they had to do to obtains God’s blessings was to observe divinely designated holidays and offer the right sacrifices. Therefore they carefully carried out these external rituals, but their hearts were so callous and calculating that during their sacred observances their minds were on the business deals they would make the next day. Amos warned them that holy God, who is the Creator, Sustainer, and Governor of the universe, could not be manipulated.

We can be as wrong as the Israelites if tithe, pray, attend church, or do any good thing with the idea that our actions put God under obligation it give us financial success and good health. He has made no such promise! He is displeased when we try to manipulate Him. Our heavenly Father is looking for obedience that springs from love for Him. We should obey God with no strings attached. – Herbert Vander Lugt

I worship and love Thee,

And that Thou dost know;

But how much I love Thee

My actions will show. – Anon.

The glory of life is to love, not to be loved, to give, not to get; to serve, not to be served.

  • January 6, 1987, Our Daily Bread