He Comes With a Gift (Romans 6:23)

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The grace of God is the offer of His goodness to mankind. He extends to all the free of salvation. He longs to have fellowship with those He created in His image. When God makes His presence known to unbelievers, therefore, He does so to forgive their sins and bring them into a right relationship with Himself.

Many people, however, are afraid of God. They see Him as their enemy, not as their friend. C. H. Spurgeon illustrated this tendency in his book All of Grace. He told of  a minister who went to the home of a poor woman to give her some money that she desperately needed. When he knocked at her door, she did not answer. He felt sure she was home, so he knocked again. Still no response. After more knocking, he left. On Sunday, he say her in church and said, “I called at your home last Friday.” I suppose you were not at home, for I knocked several times and you did not answer. I had some money for you.” “What time were you there?” she asked. “About noon,” the minister replied. “Oh dear,” said the woman, “I heard you. But I did not answer. I thought it was my landlord calling for the rent.”

If you are to a Christian, you do not have to hide from God. He doesn’t come to you “calling for the rent.” He comes with His gracious offer of salvation. He sent His Son into the world to die for your sins. Invite Him into your heart. Today, receive the gift of eternal life in Christ Jesus. – David C. Egner

God promised me if I would but believe,

Eternal life from Him I should receive;

I did believe and found His promise true;

I passed from death to life. – was born anew. – Anon.

Grace is neither bought nor wrought – it is God’s free gift to mankind.

  • January 10, 1987, Our Daily Bread

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