News Bulletin (Deuteronomy 7:10)

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The news bulletin command attention. Several inmates had escaped from a penitentiary. They were armed and considered extremely dangerous. A police spokesman stressed to the community the importance of caution. He said, “These men are desperate. They have nothing to lose. They have killed and could kill again.”

Deuteronomy 7 contains a far more serious warning. Overall, the passage is a positive expression of blessing. It shows the willingness of God to help those who trust Him. but that’s not the whole picture. Did you catch the “news bulletin” in verse 10? The Lord alerted Israel to be on the look-out – not for bad men roaming the streets but for a good God who will destroy all those who hate Him.

It’s true. Evil men are not the only ones to be feared. We are also to fear our good God. Even though He is merciful and full of compassion, His awesome holiness makes all other kinds of fear look mild in comparison.

We might not like to face this sobering truth. But God will not always be patient with those people who have no love or respect for Him. That’s a news bulletin we can’t afford to miss. – Mart De Haan

You’ve heard the news – there’s no escape –

The Lord is coming to make right

The wrongs in this dark world of hate;

So make your choice – come to the Light. – Hess

Live today as if you will stand before God tomorrow.

  • February 21, Vol.12A, Our Daily Bread