A “Loan” to the Lord (Proverbs 19:17)

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Has the Lord ever asked you for a “loan”? If this question recognizes the truth expressed in today’s text. (Look up the passage in your Bible ad read it in its entirety.) The needs of the poor represent a direct request by God for a loan – a loan He promises to repay.

A father once gave his young son a half dollar, telling him he could do whatever he wanted with it. Later, when he was asked about it, the boy said he had lent it to someone. “Yes, I gave it to a man who looked very hungry!” “How foolish! You’ll never get it back!” “But Dad, I learned in Sunday school that if we give to the poor we are lending to the Lord.” The Christian father was taken aback. Then, remembering Proverbs 19:17, he recognized the simplicity of his son’s faith. Reaching into his pocket, he said, “Here, son, is another half dollar.” “See!” said the boy, “I knew I’d get it again, only I didn’t think it would come so soon!”

In James 2 we read that it’s a sin to withhold help from a poverty-stricken person while speaking pious words about how much we care. Genuine faith will be evidenced by good works. But the Bible also teaches that God will honor those who give to the needy. His return on our loan may not always be in financial terms. But we can depend on this: Bread cast upon the waters will return, though it may be “after many days (Ecclesiastes 11:1). A loan to the Lord is the most secure of all loans. – Henry G. Bosch

Give as you would to the Master

If you met His searching look;

Give as you would of your substance

If His hand your offering took! – Anon.

When Christ’s love fills your heart, the more you GIVE, the more you GAIN!

  • March 11, 1984, Our Daily Bread