Only the Son of God (John 20:28)

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The English preacher Alexander Maclaren once asked, “Why is it that one Person, and one Person only, triumphed over space and time and is the same close Friend with whom millions of hearts are in loving touch, as He was to those that gathered around Him upon the earth?” That is a valid question. The following story, attributed to the British statesman Benjamin Disraeli, will help to answer it.

A young scholar approached Disraeli one day. He had developed a new religion and written a book to explain its doctrines. The young man claimed that his newly devised creed surpassed in beauty the message of Christ and His sacrificial crucifixion on Calvary. Disraeli asked the young man about the success of the book’s sales, only to hear him complain that he couldn’t get anyone to buy it or to believe in his religion. The old statesman placed his hand on the young man’s shoulder and said, “No, my boy, you will never get anyone to read your book and believe in your religion until you too have been crucified on a cross and risen from a tomb.

Only the spotless Son of God, the perfect substitute for sinful man, can provide salvation. Only a dying Savior who validates His sacrifice by bodily resurrection can lift the burden of sin’s guilt. Because Jesus loved us and gave Himself for us, we should give Him our love. If we have placed our faith in Him, we can exclaim like Thomas in love and adoration, “My Lord and my God.” The Savior deserves our heartfelt worship. – Paul R. Van Gorder

When we recognize Jesus’ lordship, we’ll give Him our worship.

  • March 17, Vol. 1 , Our Daily Bread