Morality and Modesty (Luke 8:35)

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We live in a day when crude, cheap references to sex are heard on every hand. A permissive attitude about morals is prevalent in today’s world. God’s laws of marriage and purity were given in the sacred Scriptures to protect us, yet these high standards and restrictive guidelines are being flagrantly disregarded. When they are violated, the results are lustful relationships, the breakdown of morality, and the deterioration of the home and society.

At the dawn of human history, after sin had entered the world, the Lord clothed Adam and Eve for a special purpose (Genesis 3:21). He foresaw that man would tend to become debased rather than elevated, and He knew that man’s imagination would lead him into vile and sordid perversions.

I remember hearing H. A. Ironside speak about this, using as his text the story of the demoniac in Luke 8. The man who was possessed of an evil spirit “wore no clothes.” However, after the Savior had cast out the demons and healed him, his behavior changed. “When this man was saved,” said Ironside, “he immediately abandoned nudity; for we read that he was ‘clothed, and in his right mind.’”

The Lord had good reason for setting down rules for marriage, sex, and modest dress. Any society that disregards God’s guidelines and rejects the straight and narrow path of morality and decency will suffer His ultimate and righteous judgment.

Christian, review the Scriptures on these matters. Then be an example of morality and modesty. – Henry G. Bosch

Moral, modest, pure, and true –

Is that too much to ask of you?

Don’t let sin control your life,

It brings you only grief and strife. – Branon

THOT: Lust and immorality are a canker to the mind, a corrosive to the conscience, and a curse to a nation.

  • December 17, 1982, Our Daily Bread