The Value of “Vermin” (Matthew 18:5)

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Homeless children who wander the streets of the world’s great cities are often called “vermin.” They are branded as such because they beg, steal, sell their bodies; and if they survive, they grow up to be hardened criminals. To eliminate this social cancer unscrupulous business leaders in some cities have even hired people to kill them. Imagine! Killing homeless children because they are a social problem!

How can children made in God’s image be considered vermin? Every child has great value in the sight of God. Christ suffered and died for them on Calvary, and they need to hear the good news of God’s grace!

We must support and pray for the agencies struggling to alleviate this overwhelming problem. We must ask the Lord to fill our hearts with love so that we will meet the needs of hurting children in our own cities. In that way, we will be practicing the “pure and undefiled religion” that cares for children in need (James 1:27).

Jesus never viewed children as vermin. He saw them as immortal souls of incalculable value. He said, “Whoever receives one little child … in My name receives Me(Matthew 18:5). – Vernon C. Grounds

Some Things You Can Do

Volunteer at an inner-city ministry or homeless shelter,

Support your local crisis pregnancy center,

Pray for God to help you love children in need.

Little children are a big concern to God.

  • March 25, Vol. 7, Our Daily Bread