Bottled Water Binge (Romans 5:18)

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In the United States, people have been on a bottled water binge (spree) for a number of years. Even though most people have a safe supply of water that is free and readily available from faucets and drinking fountains, they still purchase bottled water. Choosing to pay for something that I can enjoy at no cost doesn’t make sense to me, but some people believe that a product they pay for is superior to anything they receive free.

This sometimes carries over into our spiritual lives. Some struggle to accept that salvation is a gift. They want to do something to earn it. The problem is, no one can afford it. The price of salvation is perfection (Matthew 19:21), and Jesus is the only person who could pay the price (Romans 5:18). To anyone who thirsts, He promises to “give of the fountain of the water of life freely” (Revelation 21:6).

Some people try to purchase the living water of salvation with good deeds and charitable donations. Although these are forms of spiritual service valued by God, they are not what God requires for the forgiveness of our sin. Jesus already paid the price by dying in our place, and He offers to quench our spiritual thirst when we drink freely from God’s fountain that will never run dry. – Julie Ackerman Link

Jesus is the Living Water –

Just one drink will make you whole;

Drawing daily from that wellspring

Brings refreshment to the soul. – D. De Haan

Jesus is the only fountain who can satisfy the thirsty soul.

  • March 31, Vol. 22, Our Daily Bread