The Forgotten God (Psalm 50:22)

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Life has so much to offer. A young couple, for example, is presented with a fascinating variety of choices. Their minds become absorbed with selecting an occupation, purchasing their first home, and taking vacations. They spend time with their children, they relate to their parents, and they establish new friendships. Caught up in the excitement and swirl of life’s joys, which are not wrong in themselves, they find they have no time for God.

Sometimes it takes a crisis to bring a person to the awareness that he has forgotten God. The president of Moody Bible Institute, George Sweeting, told about a young man with a deep problem. He went to talk to the famous preacher Robert Laidlaw, who sensed that he needed Christ, and asked him to read aloud John 3:16. Nervously, the man began, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only forgotten Son, that whoever ….” “Wait a minute,” interrupted Laidlaw. “You made a mistake. Please read that over.” The man did it again, not realizing he was misreading the word “begotten.” When the preacher pointed this out to him, the young fellow said, “I’m sorry. I’ll try again.” This time he read the text correctly. Suddenly he saw his life in a new light. “I’m afraid I was right the first time. I have forgotten Jesus – but no more!”

If God has been excluded from your busy life, open your heart right now to His Son, Jesus Christ. Ask Him to save you. Then, as far as you are concerned, God will be forgotten no longer. – David C. Egner

You have wandered far away –

Do nor risk another day;

Do not turn from God your face,

But today accept His grace. – Whittle

Omitting Christ from life here means no life with Christ hereafter.

  • March 28, 1985, Our Daily Bread