The King’s Offer (Matthew 21:9)

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I have often wondered how many of those people who enthusiastically cried, “Hosanna!” on Palm Sunday shouted, “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” a few days later. Some may have been keenly disappointed, even angry, that Christ didn’t use His miraculous power to establish an earthly kingdom. Hadn’t He created a golden opportunity to rally popular support by parading into Jerusalem and offering Himself as King?

Many Jews failed to recognize that before Jesus would openly assert His sovereignty He had to rule in their hearts. Their greatest need was not to be freed from Caesar’s rule but to be released from the chains of pride, self-righteousness, and rebellion against God. They wanted the visible kingdom prophesied in the Old Testament with all its material benefits. But the Messiah first had to die for the sins of mankind and rise again to establish the basis for a spiritual rule.

The issue is the same today. Christ does not offer immunity from life’s hardships, a cure for every disease, or the promise of financial success. What the King offered then is what He offers today – Himself as the sacrifice for our sins, and a challenge to serve Him. If we accept His offer, we will not be disappointed. – Dennis J. De Haan

There’s no disappointment in Jesus,
He’s all that He promised to be;
His love and His care comfort me everywhere;
He is no disappointment to me. – Hallett

Putting Christ first brings satisfaction that lasts.
– April 13, Vol. 10, Our Daily Bread

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