Resurrection Reality (Revelation 1:18)

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The disciples and early followers of our Lord asserted with a zeal born of heartfelt conviction that Jesus of Nazareth was a living Savior, not a martyred teacher and philosopher. They held this truth so dear that they were willing to suffer torture and death rather than renounce it.

The startling message so electrified their ministry that their testimony “turned the world upside down (Acts 17:6). It is still true today: The Holy Spirit honors the witness of those who proclaimed the resurrected Jesus. They do not point primarily to moral codes, religious rituals, or theological creeds (good as these may be in themselves), but to the living God-man who alone can save. It is to Him who is “alive forevermore” (Revelation 1:18) that we should look in these days of dead orthodoxy and spiritual apostasy.

A proud and ungodly professor said to a young child who believed in the Lord Jesus, “My dear little girl, you don’t know whom you believe in. There have been many christs. In which of them do you believe?” “I know which one I believe in,” replied the child. “I believe in the Christ who rose from the dead!

Jesus is alive (Luke 24:1-12). Your eternal life depends on it. – Henry G. Bosch

Although our Lord was crucified,

He rose up from the grave;

He paid our penalty for sin,

Then showed His power to save. – Sper

Christ’s resurrection assures what Calvary secures.

  • April 20, Vol. 10, Our Daily Bread