Faith Restored (Matthew 17:20)

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Karen ran away from home at 15 and became pregnant at 17. Two years later she gave her life to Christ. Then tragedy struck. Her son developed leukemia. Christian friends told her, “Just have enough faith.” She prayed earnestly for his healing, but he died.

Disillusioned, Karen became pregnant again by a man who beat her. In despair, she escaped to a Christian women’s shelter. “I don’t want to hear about God,” she told Mrs. Oliver, the director. “My prayers weren’t enough to save my little boy from dying. I won’t let God disappoint me like that again.”

Mrs. Oliver told her of her own disappointment. She too had prayed for her ill 45-year-old husband but he died. She explained that faith isn’t a “magic spell” we put on God to get what we want. It is “just trusting that God loves us and helps us get through the worst that life can throw at us.

At first her words didn’t sink in, but with all the love Karen received, they slowly began to soften her heart and revive and enlarge her faith. Only this time it was rooted in a realistic confidence in God’s faithfulness.

Has your faith been shattered because you didn’t get what you asked for? There is no “magic spell. Believe that God will give you what is best. Your faith will grow as you trust His love for you. – Dennis J. De Haan

All things will be made possible

For those who trust in God;

The faith as small as mustard seeds

Grow strong in trial’s sod. – Sper

Trials are the soil in which faith grows.

  • May 3, 1991, Our Daily Bread