An Age-Old Problem (Proverbs 23:29)

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What is the United States’ number one social problem: (a) drug abuse? (b) alcohol abuse? (c) the homeless? If you answered b, you are correct. Alcohol abuse is by far our greatest social evil, as it is for many countries.

Consider the college campus. A recent survey at one state university revealed that 95 percent of those surveyed drank, 76 percent within the preceding 30 days. But the problem is larger than that.

In America, there are 70 alcohol-related traffic deaths every day. Nearly 69 percent of all drownings and 83 percent of all fire fatalities are alcohol-related. Employees who drink spend three times as many days off the job as nondrinkers. The cost to the national economy in lost production due to alcohol is almost $50 billion annually.

The writer of Proverbs warned about the dangers of alcohol long ago, and today many people are enslaved by its power. Its effects are not limited by social status, religious background, or education.

What about you? Are you edging toward becoming a problem drinker? Are you addicted? Then admit it, and in the power of Christ and with His help take firm steps to break free. There is no reason for you to be part of an age-old social problem. – David C. Egner

Be not a slave to alcohol,

Yield not to its control;

But trust instead the grace of God

To calm your heart and soul. – D. J. De Haan

Strong drink can make us weak.

  • May 4, 1991, Our Daily Bread