Read and Heed (Psalm 119:9)


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Last year U.S. News and World Report printed a letter form a man who said he doesn’t want his children to read the Bible because it contains stories of sexual immorality. Yet many nonreligious people like him consistently oppose efforts to prohibit or control the production of pornographic magazines. They say they don’t hurt anyone, not even children.

I can personally testify that during 65 years of regular Bible reading I have never found a story or verse that encouraged me to do anything dishonest or cruel or immoral. And I have never met a person who said that reading the Bible caused him or her to do something dishonest, cruel, or immoral.

Several people, however, have told me that pornography influenced them to get into life-destroying patterns of conduct. When Bible-believing people fall into such evils, they usually admit that their downfall occurred in part because they had gotten away from reading the Scripture daily.

I would challenge anyone who doubts the value of reading the Bible to start reading it daily. On the basis of what the Bible says about itself, and what it has done for me and for others, I’m sure it will lead anyone toward goodness and God, not toward evil.

So read the Bible, and heed its words. – Herbert Vander Lugt

Thy Word is everlasting truth;

How pure is every page!

That Holy Book shall guide our youth

And well support our age. – Watts

Many people are down on the Bible because they’re not up on the Bible.

  • May 20, 1992, Our Daily Bread